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Jerry, the Roan Horse
A work in progress...

I met Jerry, the Roan Horse while he was in his full dress pulling harness and proudly standing at over 19 hands high. Our connection was immediate. And changed my life forever.

Gayle Adams has captured the very essence of that Professional Pulling Champion with her creation entitled Jerry, the Roan Horse. Notice the layers upon layers of muscle! Notice the massive bulk of his chest! Notice the power as he pulls to cross the load! Notice the enormity of his neck!

And then look to the face of Jerry. Observe the broad and unwrinkled forehead. Observe the mouth at rest. Observe his gentle eyes. Observe the forward ears awaiting your voice. Observe the aura of gentleness that surrounds him.

Through the miracle of technology, you will be able to "watch" as Gayle captures Jerry's spirit and then reflects that spirit in her painting. The first picture shows simple pencil outlines. Gradually, the head of Jerry takes shape... And then the Pulling Jerry begins to appear... Coupled with his Pulling Partner, Duke, who then completes the picture. Finally, you will see the finished product and sit in awe, as I do with each viewing.

This is Jerry, the Roan Horse. A Champion Horse Puller with a soul of pure kindness.

This is Jerry, the Roan Horse. Champion of Refuge Farms. And Champion of my heart.

With awe and in respect,

Artwork:   by Gayle
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#14 (Completed)

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