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Age:  3 years old in 2007
Born:  June 4, 2004
Arrived:  October 24, 2004

Quarter Mare

Unit arrived at Refuge Farms when she was just four months old. She had been taken away from her mother at four months old to a training facility. This little filly tried her best to do what the trainer was asking of her, but the trainer learned within a few hours that she was blind. The owners called Sandy to see if she would be willing to take her instead of them having to sell the filly at a horse sale.

The very first time Sandy saw this new addition to The Herd, she said, "Oh! You're just a little unit of a thing!" and the name stuck with her. When Unit arrived she had no teeth yet, was a scared little filly, couldn't see, and was lonely for other horses. Sandy decided to bring Babee Joy, who was also just a young filly at the time, over to spend time with Unit. They soon became good friends and that friendship helped Unit to relax and feel at home here at
Refuge Farms.

Sandy learned from the vet that Unit couldn't see well because she had cataracts. After some prompting from some of the volunteers, Sandy sent out a letter that shared Unit's condition. If she could raise enough money, this young filly could have a surgery that would help her to see. And so it came to pass that Unit did have the surgery and after many, many months of tender loving care from Sandy, Unit was able to regain some of her sight and was finally integrated in with the rest of The Herd. Unit was so happy!

Unit is a true rascal! She's very playful - sometimes too playful with the other horses and finds herself in a bit of trouble with them, but she never stops trying to be involved. She loves attention from humans and horses alike. Some of her pure charm is that it seems as though she will forever be a kid at heart, and one that will always bring a smile to your face just because she's Unit!

Unit is a good teacher to us about the healing power of humor, and in how to not take ourselves or life too seriously. Mostly, Unit just teaches us how important it is to play! She has a very loving heart, and if you can get her to slow down long enough you can experience what it feels like to be loved back from her most tender and giving heart.

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