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Little Man

Age:  5 or 6? years old in 2007
Born:  Unknown
Arrived:  February 23, 2007

Chocolate Labrador

Sandy and a few others were at the Eau Claire Human Society fundraiser in the winter of 2007. Sandy wasn't looking for another dog because she was still trying to heal over the loss of Lady-the-Dog who had crossed the previous August.

She was walking around looking at the animals when she came across this chocolate lab. She proceeded to kneel down to pet him and to her surprise, she found his right leg and paw hugging her around her neck! Yes, indeed, while she wasn't looking for another dog this dog had just claimed her!

Sandy's heart was very impacted by this dog that had just extended a hug to her. But, she also didn't feel as if she was ready so she tried to forget about him. Well, she couldn't and finally placed the call to the Eau Claire Humane Society and, sure enough, no one had adopted him yet. The rest is history, as they say!

Sandy didn't know what to name him, but she kept saying, "Little Man" to him, so it just stuck with him. He is not only a gift in her life, but he is a gift to everyone that meets him. Nowhere will you meet the essence of pure love like you will with him. That is all he is - love.

Not only is he pure love, he is one of the calmest and most gentle souls you will ever have the good fortune of coming across. His favorite position is belly up - gazing up at you with those beautiful eyes - imploring you to scratch his belly, or for gosh sakes, "Please, just touch me!" He is a true reminder that love is all that matters in this world.

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