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Age:  12? years in 2006
Born:  Unknown
Arrived:  June 24, 2004

Belgian Mare

Sandy heard about a horse owned by someone she had known from her horse pulling days. He was saying he had a blind mare that had run through the fence three times just that morning! He was fed up and frustrated and the mare needed a home that morning or she would be "shipped."

As Sandy was loading this very large, very blind, and very scared horse the owner said, "There isn't a fence in St. Croix County that will hold her!"

Sandy quickly learned that he wasn't kidding! It wasn't that Lanna was a mean horse. In fact, she has always been a very good mare. But, the truth of the matter was that she had never been trained and had been running wild in a herd for years. And because she was blind and with her size, whenever she would get scared or confused, she would just run through whatever was in her way!

When Lanna came to THE FARM, she couldn't be haltered, she resisted being lead, and she could not walk a straight line. And, yes, she even ran right through one of our 2x6 treated fence lines! She was quite a handful for about six months until she became used to being handled properly and learned to trust the humans caring for her.

After that initial learning curve, Lanna was able to settle into the soulful part of herself. She is actually a very quiet, gentle, loving, patient, intelligent, and compliant horse, and our fences are intact! She has always been very willing to trust us. Most of the time, you hardly know that she is there because she is so quiet and unassuming.

After Lanna came to THE FARM, we kept noticing that she was putting on unexpected weight. A local horse expert took one look at her and confirmed that she was pregnant! On top of everything else, our beautiful Lanna was going to have a baby!

And, that foal would come to be known at
Refuge Farms as our beautiful Jeri-Ann.

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