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Age:  16? years in 2007
Born:  Unknown
Arrived:  July 18, 2004

Belgian/Quarter Mare

Josephina originally came from Oklahoma. Sandy bought her at an auction with a filly by her side. Josephina was being sold at the auction because she had lost her value to the previous owner. She had been used as a PMU (Pregnant Mare Urine) horse.

Josephina had developed a bad tooth and in treating the tooth, the mare had to be medicated and that would mean that her urine was not available for planned use for 30-45 days. Her fate was sealed and that is how she found herself, and her filly, at the auction.

At that time, Josephina was very skinny and had no muscle tone from all those years of standing on the urine line. Sandy understood what the fate of these two horses would be and that is why she rescued them.

Josephina's original name was "Betsy". But she looked and acted so much like another horse at THE FARM, named "Joseph", who had crossed just three days before the auction, that Sandy changed her name to Josephina in memory of Joseph.

You can recognize Josephina from the rest of the herd at
Refuge Farms because she is the only horse that has a brand on her left hip. She is very sweet, and typically quite a patient and easy going mare who will readily come to the gate to receive your attention. But, she does get impatient when she's waiting for her food! You will notice her digging and pawing at the ground as she gratefully anticipates the opportunity to eat!

Josephina will also let you know when she has been startled. When she has been scared by something you will hear her snorting and blowing so loudly that the rest of the herd will raise their heads to find out what's going on! She is the guardian mare of The Herd and is usually standing by her best friends, Beauty and Miss Bette.

That glorious filly that came with Josephina to
Refuge Farms is our beautiful Babee Joy.

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