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Age:  2 years old in 2007
Born:  May 1, 2005
Arrived:  June 24, 2004

Belgian Mare

In the quiet between two spring snow showers on May 1, 2005, beautiful Jeri-Ann was born at Refuge Farms to her mother, Lanna. After seeing this new foal for the first time, Sandy waited a whole 15 minutes to let Lanna lick her new baby and bond before she apologetically said to her, "I'm sorry, but I have to hold her now!" And, Sandy proceeded to lie down next to this new life at THE FARM to welcome her...stroke her...and fill her with the love that she would always experience and be showered with for her entire life.

Jeri-Ann was given her name from two very important horses at
Refuge Farms. "Jeri" was given to her in memory of Sandy's beloved "Jerry, the Roan Horse" who had crossed in November of 2004. "Ann" was in honor of her mother, "Lanna".

Jeri-Ann is the youngest of the three babies at THE FARM. She is a complete delight to be around and when you come to visit she will surely be one of the first horses budging her way to the gate to greet you. Unlike the majority of the other horses at
Refuge Farms, Jeri-Ann will never know a life of abuse or neglect. She will only experience a life of complete love and caring.

Jeri-Ann is very curious, friendly, happy, and growing to be very TALL! She stays quite busy playing with her best friend, Unit. Mostly, you will remember her because she is so very loving and has a delightfully open, warm and pure heart. You will leave with a smile on your face after spending even a moment with our beloved Jeri-Ann!

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