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Age:  12+ yrs in 2007
Born:  Unknown
Arrived:  November 20, 2007

Belgian Gelding

It was a Monday evening when Sandy received a telephone call from a horse puller in central Wisconsin. Sandy knew of this horse puller as she had rescued horses from him in the past. He told her he had a Belgian gelding that he needed to find a home for. You see, the horse puller was in his final days and needed to re-home his few remaining horses. Sandy's options were to allow this horse to go back to life in the plow as a work horse, or he could come to Refuge Farms. The choice was a simple one for her to make.

The following day Sandy made the nearly three-hour drive to pick up this new horse that would subsequently become known as "Handsome". At first glance, it appears as if his left eye is lying on his cheek. It has been left untreated for years and is big, infected, smelly and oozing, but he has, nevertheless, found a way to function in spite of it. "Handsome" is the name Sandy chose in order to mirror back to him what is so self evident about his true essence.

Dr. Brian came to THE FARM to examine Handsome. His response to seeing his eye was, "Oh my, that's quite a sight." The initial plan for Handsome will be to get him familiar with and comfortable in the shoeing bed and when that has been accomplished, Dr. Brian will return and sedate this wonderful gelding so he can biopsy that eye. He said there are injections that we may attempt that may help this tumor-like "thing" to shrink. Dr. Brian says he has seen tumors that have shrunk, or that have been removed and the eye is still there. This is our hope, since the tissue surrounding the eye has deteriorated and leaves us little to suture should removal of the tumor and his eye be recommended.

In the colder weather, Handsome also appears to have a sore rear left hip. His muscle on that side is a bit smaller than on the other side of his body. And he favors that hip when standing or moving about.

Refuge Farms will provide the love, care and support while we wait to "see" what the healing possibilities are for this new "Gentle Giant". Other than his eye and hip, and besides being underweight, needing his teeth floated, hooves trimmed, and given current shots and de-wormed, he appears to be in good shape.

Because Dr. Brian felt his eye was not contagious, Sandy was able to welcome him into the "gelding" side of the pasture. How befitting that THE FARM once again has an actual gelding on that side! And, it was Josephina who instantly claimed Handsome as her new boyfriend. It has been very touching to witness her complete commitment to watching over and protecting him. It is a beautiful and unexpected love story that has so effortlessly blossomed between the two of them.

When you meet Handsome, it will not be the condition of his eye that will impact you. You will find your heart welcomed into his and be able to feel the grace of his gentle Spirit, his kind presence, and the utter peace and calm that IS his heart and soul. You will be humbled and reminded of the legacy of forgiveness that he embodies - just like other Ministers of Healing here at
Refuge Farms. You will walk away with tears in your eyes for having experienced how unconditionally he offers his love to you. His presence here at THE FARM is already teaching us to "see" what is possible and true within a loving heart.

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