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Age:  7 or 8 years old in 2007
Born:  Unknown
Arrived:  February 10, 2006

Hackney Pony Mare

A couple in Northern Wisconsin had decided that they should downsize their herd by one pony so they called an area kill buyer to come and pick up their pony. When he arrived, the owner went out in to the pasture, haltered the pony, and walked her in to the kill buyer's trailer.

The pony was most compliant, but upon closing the trailer the kill buyer noticed that she was kind of "bonging around" in there and he asked the owner what the story was. "She's blind" was the response. The kill buyer explained to the farmer that he couldn't take her to be shipped or killed because of her blindness. What was the owner's response? "Not my problem now. She's in your trailer." That was when the kill buyer called Sandy at
Refuge Farms and asked if she could help him out.

Sandy said she could help him, but that THE FARM was full and all she could do was to provide a stall for her to stay while he called other people to could come and take a look at her. Even having said that to him, Sandy kept telling herself, "Do NOT touch her, look at her, pet her, or name her, for crying out loud! And, don't even think of giving her The Three Promises."

In the early hours of the next morning before she was even awake, this thought came in to her head, "Her name is Grace."

Yes, indeed, that morning Grace received The Three Promises from Sandy and became one of The Herd. Grace is calm, alert, curious, and stands quietly with no twitching or nervousness. She is at most
Refuge Farms events because she is so loved and, even with her blindness, she does so well around people. Her smaller stature makes her an immediate favorite because she is so darn cute!

Grace is truly loved by all, but she is especially loved by PONY!, her boyfriend. How protective he is of his precious Grace! If you're looking for Grace, just look for PONY! and she is sure to be by his side.

Sandy says that Grace represents the hope of a new day, forgiveness when someone does you poorly, and that she represents the opposite of hatred. We love our precious little Grace, and so will you.

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