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Age:  26 years old in 2007
Born:  May 12, 1981
Arrived:  July 27, 2002

Registered Paint Mare

Blaise was one of the two horses that Sandy and Andy rescued from a Texas boarding facility while they were visiting in 2002. Blaise and the other horse, Cole, were both very very thin and looked frail. When they asked about the horses they were told that, "When the money stops, the feed stops."

Blaise had been a winning rodeo horse in her youth, and it is clear that she has been trained for competition because she is so willing to do whatever you ask of her. She's also a very intelligent horse. In the winter, she loves hanging out in her stall so she can stay out of the cold. Now, that is smart!

Blaise loves to be brushed, but when you are around her you need to remember that she is blind in her right eye and gets startled easily if she doesn't know you are on her right side. Her right eye showed no sign of infection, and simply overnight the vision in the eye was lost. If you watch her you will learn that she has not fully adapted to the loss of that sight. So, to help her, it's important to approach her on her left side or from the front, and to talk to her so she knows where you are.

Blaise has a very gentle and graceful soul. She is a very quiet leader amongst The Herd and one of THE FARM's stewards of grace and gentleness. She very much enjoys her friendship with Sweet Lady Grey. Those two are like two peas in a pod and are always together! Her calm and peaceful demeanor will readily steal your heart.

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