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Age:  18? years old in 2004
Born:  Unknown
Arrived:  August 27, 2004

Percheron Mare

At first glance, you may say to yourself, "She is so beautiful." And then you will ask, "What is wrong with her back?"

Indeed, Beauty is very beautiful and she has a swayed back. She spent 18 years in a PMU (Pregnant Mare Urine) line out of Canada. For 18 years, Beauty was kept pregnant. Carrying foal after foal for so many years put too much strain on her spine, and is what caused her back to become swayed. You would think her back would hurt, but if you watch her run, roll, and play you will learn that it is does not seem to hurt her or stop her from living fully.

When Beauty arrived at
Refuge Farms, no one could come close enough to even touch her. For two years she didn't trust a human enough to let them come near her. If you were to try, she would bring one of her long front legs out to quickly greet you. To look at learn of her story of healing is a testament to the healing Missions of THE FARM. It took this beautiful mare two years before she felt safe enough to again trust a let a human touch heal and open her heart once again from all that she had gone through for so many years.

Today, Beauty loves to receive affection and will come up to the gate seeking your love and enjoying the gift of your touch. Now, Beauty is here teaching Human Beings about the power of patience that is required in healing, about strength and courage, and about the gifts that are found in forgiveness. Her inner beauty shines even more brightly than her beautiful black coat.

When in the barn, you will usually find Beauty standing between her two best friends, Josephina and Miss Bette!

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