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Babee Joy

Age:  3 years old in 2007
Born:  Spring of 2004
Arrived:  July 18, 2004

Quarter/Belgian/Fresian Mare

Babee Joy was the filly that came to Refuge Farms from an auction with her mother, Josephina. You will hear her referred to as one of the three "babies" at THE FARM, but you only have to meet our beautiful Babee Joy to recognize that she is anything but a baby! She is already a very majestic mare and her deep soulful presence already commands respect in the barn. Her heart and soul are as large as her physical stature.

Babee Joy is very interesting to watch throughout the year because her coat changes color from black, to grey, to nearly white to black again. She is also very easy going and likes to receive attention from humans. She has a charismatic personality and gets along with every human and every horse. She does seem to have a particularly special relationship with Big Guy, but she is a peacemaker and gets along well with all.

Babee Joy is also one of the horses that Sandy refers to as, "The future of
Refuge Farms". She is tall, she is incredibly strong, and she has the innate wisdom and capacity to become a true leader of The Herd. The depth of her heart and soul also makes her a tremendous healer to humans as well. Her gentleness teaches us about grace, and her innate wisdom is a constant reminder that there are always more levels of understanding to be attained.

She is truly an amazing young mare and we are grateful everyday for who she is, and for the place she is held in all of our hearts. Everyone loves Babee Joy as she brings such joy into our barns with just her gentle presence and beauty.

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