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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Please Understand

In writing this, I'm hoping you will understand my silence. I need to be quiet for a while. Out of respect and in a form of dignity. A great one crossed today.

As she lifted up, the winds blew so fiercely! Strong and determined out of the southern sky came the wind to carry her over The Bridge. A great one crossed today.

And she leaves behind broken hearts and a void that can never, ever be filled. She leaves behind Humans who so loved and respected her that it was simply the only thing to do. To help her. A great one crossed today.

Such determination. Such resilience. Such grandeur. Such honor and dignity. Her life was one of supreme challenges and she took on each one with her face squarely in the breeze. Looking straight at the road ahead. A great one crossed today.

Bless you, Miss Bonita. I am truly humbled that you selected my barns to shelter you for these last few years. You taught me and showed me how to live with honor. I honor you.

A great one crossed today. Miss Bonita. May you find glorious freedom in the skies and the joy of being with your true love, Big Jim! And as I told you, I'll see you in the eyes of another that finds its way here…with your guidance, of course.

posted by Sandy @ 8:06 PM

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