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Russell DeBoer

Born: March 8, 1929    Crossed: October 12, 2006
Russell DeBoer Russell and Rhea DeBoer have been at our Open Barn events since our very first one back in 2002. Rhea is there to listen and support me in my every move - and she treats to me her homemade "Rhea bread" every so often. Russell would harness his ponies and give the kids long, full rides for the entire afternoon.

The very first year Russell was giving rides, I noticed a rather long line of children waiting for the wagon to return so they could get their ride in before it was time to go. I gently tapped Russell on the shoulder and whispered that he really didn't need to take the kids on such a long ride. Maybe he wanted to shorten the trip? "Oh no!" was the response. "They love it and so do I."

Such was the heart of the man we knew simply as Russell, the pony man. The only man that I know that vacuumed his ponies before the parades! A kind man. A polite man. And a strong man. A Godly man.

Enjoy your wings, Russell!

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