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Memory Bench

Memory Bench Memory Bench
Reflection is a big part of each visit to Refuge Farms. Human Beings come to visit and invariably end up telling stories of their own - stories of their horse, their Dad's horse, their dog, or their Dad, himself.

Providing the space and peaceful setting for such reflection is a very important part of our mission here at THE FARM. And what better place to sit and ponder or to simply sit and enjoy the view and the day than next to the Memory Bed of Francis Andrew or in the shade of the Ruby Tree or in the fragrant breeze of Lassie's Memory Bed?

Refuge Farms has chosen the Aldo Leopold Sitting Bench as our Memory Bench. Each bench is handcrafted of treated 2"x8" and 2"x10" lumber. The edges have been rounded for comfort and to prevent splintering. The bench is 48" long by 32" tall and is 10" deep and is surprisingly heavy! And very comfortable, too!

The purchase price of $50 includes the bench (which is manufactured only upon order!), delivery to THE FARM, as well as the name engraving on the backrest of a Refuge Farms horse that has inspired you.

Since the benches are hardy and will weather right along with our wooden fence lines, the benches will be left scattered throughout the yard and gardens year round for all to enjoy!

Come and experience the "Magic" of Refuge Farms for yourself! And spend a moment on the Andy Durco bench in the shade of his tree. I guarantee you will feel the peace of the place!

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